Live Below the Line 2014

The Live Below the Line Challenge has caught me by surprise this year – my friend Chad emailed asking if I was doing it over the weekend and I didn’t realise it was starting so soon.

Anyone who knows me on FB has probably realised how big a part of my life food takes up. Unwinding after a job is usually done around a table, socialising with friends, the same. The love of photography and food has made this portion of my life readily accessible to anyone who chooses to see what I post, and I told Chad that this year, a big part of me felt like a hypocrite, because of how food centric I’ve been.

At the end of this week, as usual, I go back to normal life.

For Chad, a big part of it is about being aware and raising not just money, but awareness. I thought about it all weekend, and decided that he was right. For me though, the awareness, or re-awareness, would begin at home. It’s easy to lose sight of things that help keep you grounded sometimes, and this year, this challenge starts with me.

I looked through the organisations that I could donate to this year, and have chosen Possible, a nonprofit healthcare company that delivers high quality, low cost healthcare to the world’s poor –

If you’d like to join us in eating on $10/day, we’d love to have the company – we’ve found that having team members helps with feelings of isolation and anger.

If you’d like to donate to us – even if it’s a dollar (every single one counts!) here’s the link to my page and beneficiary organisation (Possible) 

and here’s the link to Chad‘s page and beneficiary organisation (Heifer Int’l – provides livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income).

Thanks for anything you feel able to give!:)

If you’d like to share your opinions – for or against what we’re doing, this is welcome as well – awareness is impossible without conversation and that’s a big part of why we keep doing this.
We also appreciate your advice on where to shop and what to buy – more people than we realise live on restrictive budgets and have to make these food buying decisions every day. 

Thanks again for taking your time to read what we share and for sharing your views with us.



Day 1 – Salt is Really Necessary.

So as I mentioned in my first post, this year’s challenge took me by surprise – I didn’t know it was this week until my friend told me. I’d already done some shopping, so rather than waste the food I’d already bought, I decided to use what I had and portion it out and tally up the cost to work out to $10TT/day. Because of my ill-preparedness, the dried bag of mixed beans/peas I put to soak took all day, until I was struck by the brilliant idea of putting them in a pot on low heat. I don’t own a pressure cooker. Thought about it, then thought about my track record in the kitchen and decided to be prudent. The beans finally cooked down enough for me to add parboiled rice and a piece of salted fish for flavour. I’m no cook, but it is filling and will stretch for at least 6 more meals. The total cost of the pot of food, rounded up to the higher dollar, is $28, for a total cost per meal of $3.50. I’ve eaten twice today, so I’m well within budget. There’s a banana that’s going soft on my kitchen counter that can’t be more than a dollar fifty and I think I see my name on it…

Peas n Rice with a Hint of Salt Fish


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