My Fan Snores (and other random pieces of nothing)

#1. *Ggggkkkkkk…Gggggkkkkkkk…* I realised my snoring fan was a problem the fourth time I incorporated the sound into one of my dreams, waking up each time wondering ‘what the -?!?’ then taking over an hour each time trying to recreate my subconscious masterpieces. It doesn’t snore when stationary, but then the mosquitoes come…

I’m a light sleeper – my snoring fan clearly wants me to look like hell.

#2. I never realised how strong I was until a friend and I were forced to PUSH my Rav4 up the incline of my driveway after it shut down half in and half out. I also never realised how freaking heavy cars were till last night too…

#3. My body is out to get me. Right now I have to be awake in 2 hrs. to head out to a shoot. I tossed and turned for 30 mins. trying to get sleepy, gave up and came outside. Now my eyes are burning and I’m torn between trying to sleep again for maybe an hour or going straight through till tom at about noon.


#4. Still thinking about #3…



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