It’s That Important.

I’m editing wedding images from a really fabulous one we shot this weekend gone – Peter Gabriel’s Book of Love is playing on my iTunes playlist (how appropriate is THAT?) and it’s making me feel all fuzzy and warm (maybe it’s the 5hr. energy or the most excellent crock pot curry beef I just ate:)

Since I started shooting weddings (total aside – wow, now All I Ever Ask by Freddy Jackson is on – does my iTunes have a serious tabanca or what! ‘Tabanca’ – an extreme sadness and/or a depression following one’s breakup or separation from one’s significant other) I’ve met some amazing people, and been privileged to be a part of one of the biggest days of their lives. It’s humbling when people trust you enough to capture details that will form the things that they remember from that day – from little things like cake toppers

It Wasn't Me:)

to important people like favourite aunts or grandparents – and I’ll never forget the biggest lesson learned from top wedding photographer Doug Gordon, at a workshop held here earlier this year, who said that, and I paraphrase, photographers shoot many weddings in a month, but for each couple, it’s their only one (hopefully) and it’s special to them, AND you never know if that would be the last picture they have of them with a parent or grandparent or sibling, so that makes your job even more important…

Not to be a total wet blanket, but a very big reason getting married is not very high on my list of priorities, apart from the fact that it would take someone with the tolerance of a SAINT:), is that most of the important people who would feature on my wedding day are already dead (and I can’t see my brother assuming ALL the roles, superdude though he is:), so I realise even more, how special those little pieces of picture history are…


3 Responses to “It’s That Important.”

  1. This was very touching, pictures look spectacular, I love them already. Agreed @ Trinidad Dreamscape…will always be around when you need them 🙂

  2. 🙂 Nice thing to say…

  3. Really nice pictures. Parents never really leave; they’ll be around when you’re ready.

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