What. To. Blog. About…

Should I tell you about my computer chair that keeps losing a foot and flinging me sideways when I forget and try to roll it closer to the desk…

…or my fridge that looks like a yogurt ad because Carnival is about 30 days away. (My freezer on the other hand, looks like I flew to Jamaica specifically for their beef patties and imported packs of it in bulk. I’m trying not to think about them too much).

Should I blog about my 2 dogs that bark all night and sleep all day, resulting in bags that could hold a week’s groceries under my eyes?

(They’re horrendously stupid, but I love ’em.)

Mosquitoes have made a comeback in my house. I went through an almost mosquito free period (approx. 2 weeks) where I forgot what it was to hear an incessant buzzing and feel small winged bodies brush up annoyingly against me. I have a racquet zapper, but all that does is serve (serve – get it? racquet:) to make me look like I’m insane – swing, swing, swing – nothing…

Ugh – time for me to sign off and go kill me some insects…


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