Sleep Deprived Ramblings…

I’m in front of my computer, going through my usual late night routine – surfing random sites – is a must – writing stuff (work – yay) and listening to music.
My friends, way before the days of cd’s and ipods and their consequent easy skipping to songs ahead, used to listen to my mixed tapes and say that they would be able to tell any of mine instantly, because I had everything from heavy metal (long live Ratt!) to oldies like Englebert Humperdinck all in one easy to listen to, if a bit confusing, mix.
Right now I’m listening to Vampire Weekend’s Oxford Comma and thanking my stars that I have friends like Colin, who keep me supplied with sometimes weird, but very cool songs (The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars just came on and that’s just cool:). My aim is to collect more songs than my brother – but since he boasted to me a couple weeks ago that his *now cleaned up* iTunes library had thousands of songs (and knowing him, it really is more than I have even though I maxed out 2 external drives recently), I think I have some work to do…
So instead of spending my time productively at 11:30 p.m., I’m singing – somewhat off key – and rivaling my dogs in the making noise in the middle of the night department.
Shades of Sing Star in my living room right now
And as a total aside, with Carnival around the corner, I should really cut the nightly hot chocolate with mini marshmallows out of my diet…sigh.


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