Carnival is WHAT?!?

2 months away?!?

Crap. What happened to ‘enough time to get in shape‘?


It astounds me how consistently I find myself in this situation. With over 10lbs. to lose in record time, in order to get on the road in a skimpy getup and not die of both embarrassment and a heart attack. Last year I managed it in 2 WEEKS – Red Bull has nothing on pure fright to give you wings. Not only did I manage it – I got so fit that my eating binge afterward had no effect on me whatsoever. So much so that I tempted fate and aging and decided to eat like it was my last meal for 6 months. Then my metabolism remembered that I’m actually quite old and conked out.

Fabulous. Now I have less than 2 months to do it all again. And what am I doing instead of exercising? Writing this online. If only finger presses on the keyboard used up calories…



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