Crabby by Association

So because I’m very bad at sticking to things and days have passed without my writing ANYTHING since I started this blog, I decided to look around at blogs other people had to see what it was they used as tools to keep at it. I found one where one of the suggestions was word association. That got me thinking – maybe I can do a picture association thingy as something to blog about (no – I’m not particularly interesting) so here goes…

1. Crabs (obviously)

2. Bag (I’m beginning to think I have no imagination whatsoever)

3. Bullies (there’s one crab determined to get out of that bag, even if it means clawing his way over his friends)

(Clawing – ha! at least I amuse myself!:)

4. Callaloo (a Trinbagonian ‘soup’ made out of dasheen leaves (taro) and crabs – muy delicious!

5. STD’s (actually, that was the first thing that came to mind, but I didn’t want to look like a perv)

6. Mayaro (the place in Trinidad where I’ve seen the most crabs ever, but in fact, not where this pic was taken)

7. I’m done. It’s official. I suck.


8 Responses to “Crabby by Association”

  1. Great effort…. it doesn’t get better than this… just keep writing, and sharing…. :0)

  2. Thanks Wizzy! 🙂
    Maybe I should have a blog warming and populate my guest list with stellar bloggers like yourself!:) Hmmmm…*gets virtual pen and paper out*

  3. Just had to stop by and welcome you to the blogging world. Hang in there you’ll find your voice and figure out your blog purpose as you progress. Loved the 25 things about you….I should do an about me page it’s been on my to do list forever

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